The institutions, agencies and companies, operating in paralel to ENİVA’s founding principles and donating certain amounts for the Foundation, are given the titles "Golden Supporter", "Silver Supporter" or "Bronze Supporter" by the ENİVA Board. From the date of donation, for three years,

  • Supporters are given the right to use the "Foundation Supporter" logos specially prepared for each category,
  • Similarly, supporters’ logos are located on ENİVA web page under the category to which they belong,
  • It is provided that, up to 3 (three) representatives of Golden Supporters, up to 2 (two) of Silver supporters and 1 (one) of Bronze supporters benefit from any activities like conferences, panel discussions, workshops, courses, seminars conducted by the Foundation as free of charge,
  • They benefit from the Foundation's periodical / temporary publications as free of charge,
  • In all kinds of events and publications of the Foundation, priority is given to the needs and demands of supporters as proportional to their categories.