Interview with Dr. Jeremy Legget (10/18/2012)

In domain of the Green Business 2012 organised in Swissotel Istanbul between 18-19 October 2012, the Founding Chairman of ENİVA, Prof. Dr. Volkan Ş. Ediger conducted an interview with Dr. Jeremy Leggett, the Founding Chairman of Solarcentury and SolarAid. One of the world's most important entrepreneurs in the field of solar energy, Dr. Leggett, is founder and producer of solar building products and solar fields. Dr. Legget, having numerous awards, is also author of the books The Carbon War, Half Gone and The Solar Century. The Green Busines 2012, where Prof. Dr. Volkan Ş. Ediger is a member of the Advisory Board, is consistently held by the Sustainability Academy since 2009. Held in a different format, the Ediger-Legget interview on "The Solar Revolution: A Resort from the Front Line" aroused great interest among the participants.