Panel on Energy, Climate Change and Environment (05.12. 2011)

A panel on energy, climate change and environment took place during IPETGAZ-sponsored 18th International Oil and Natural Gas Congress at the Ankara Shreton Hotel on the 12th May 2011 by the Turkish Oil Geologists Association, TMMOB Chamber of Geophysical Engineers. Issues of energy and climate change, the impact of petroleum and natural gas exploration, extraction, transportation, marketing and refinery on climate and environment were discussed in various panels that were attended by Prof. Volkan Ediger, Nusret Cömert (ENIVA, Shell), Dr. Rıza Kadılar (ENIVA and Natixis), Prof. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu (Istanbul Technical University and Yalova University), Altan Kolbay (PETFORM), Dr. Aslı Sezer Özçelik (JP Morgan), Süreyya Yücel Özden (World Energy Council, Turkish National Committee), Fulya Somucuoğlu (Ministry of Environment and Forestry), Bahar Ubay (The Gold Standart Foundation), Bengü Yiğitgüden (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) ve Dr. Katalin Zaim (UNDP).