Executive Board

Prof. Volkan Ş. Ediger, Chairman

Upon graduating from the Geological Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey in 1976, Volkan Ş. Ediger went on to receive his MS degree from the same university and his PhD degree from the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) in State College in USA with summa cum laude.

Prof. Ediger's professional career has been shaped by research, teaching, and consultancy simultaneously carried out at industry, university, and government. His industrial experience was gained primarily from participating, directing, and advising several domestic and international R&D projects from 1977 to 1998 at the Research Center of the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO). Between 1998 and 2010, he was the first person to hold the newly created position of the Energy Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey, where he had the chance to work with three successive presidents. He started his academic career as a teaching assistant at METU in 1976-1977 and continued as research/teaching assistant and laboratory coordinator at PSU between 1982 and 1985. Later he taught courses and supervised graduate theses at METU between 1987 and 2010. In 2010, Prof. Ediger received his professorship in energy economics at İzmir University of Economics, where he also served as Director of Research and Graduate Policies and directed a master's and a certificate program on energy until August 2011. He is currently the Head of Energy Systems Engineering Department and Coordinator of Strategy Development and Research at the Kadir Has University. 

Volkan Ş. Ediger is the holder of several distinguished awards, including Turkish Journalist Association's Sedat Simavi Social Sciences Award, Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists' Cevat Eyüp Taşman Award, and METU's Best Thesis Supervisor Award. He serves as president, executive member, commission and committee member, and representative at several scientific societies and NGOs; including World Energy Council Turkish National Committee, International Association for Energy Economics and Turkish Association for Energy Economics, and Turkish Council of Foreign Relations. He is also referee, editor, evaluator or scientific committee member of several national and international scientific-technical publications, such as Energy Policy, Energy Conversion and Management, Energy Economics, ComptesRendu and JSSM Journal of Service Science and Management. 

Uygar Özesmi, Ph.D., Vice Chairman

Three years ago, Uygar Özesmi founded Turkey's first ethical lifestyles platform Good4Trust.org. In the same year, he founded Change.org in Turkey, of which he is currently the Eastern Europe and West Asia Director. For the last  two terms, he has also been an elected board member of CIVICUS - Global Alliance for Citizen Participation. 

Formerly, he was the Executive Director of Greenpeace and the General Director of TEMA Foundation. In 2002, he was the founding board chair of BirdLife in Turkey - Doğa Derneği and founding member of STGM - Civil Society Development Center. In addition to his civil society involvement, he was also the advisor to Adnan Kahveci, the Minister of State. Özesmi was also the founder of Erciyes University Environmental Engineering Department and worked as an environmental specialist at United Nations Development Program in New York. 

In addition to Good4Trust.org, he founded kusbank.orgthe first crowd-sourcing site in Turkey, in 2001. Özesmi, who has more than 100 scientific publications, also has 2 daily programs in the morning and evening on Açık Radyo 94.9.

Murat Yazıcı, Auditor

Murat Yazıcı graduated from the Department of Law from Ankara University in Turkey in 1970. Between 1974 and 1989, he worked as executive and legal consultant at Shell, the Turkish Petroleum Cooperation (TPAO), and Exxon. In 1989, he established the Yazıcı Law Offices and became its executive partner. He taught courses on the Turkish legal system at the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara and gave graduate seminars on petroleum law at the Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Milan in Italy. 

 Mr. Yazıcı has been working in oil and gas sector for more than 35 years. He currently serves as legal consultant on the issues of company law, international arbitration, financial operations, and privatization in addition to acting as representative of his clients in international commercial operations and negotiations.

Mr. Yazıcı is the founder of the Petroleum Platform Foundation (PETFORM), where he still serves as consultant. He is also a member of the Ankara Bar Association, the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators, the International Bar Association, and the Swiss-Turkish Businessmen Association. 

Asst. Prof. Gökhan Kirkil, Member

Dr. Gökhan Kirkil received his BS degree in civil engineering from the Middle East Technical University and his MS and PhD degrees in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Iowa. 

He has expertise in renewable energy and environmental issues such as wind energy and dispersion of contaminants in atmosphere and rivers. He has published several papers in important wind energy and water resources journals in recent years. Between 2009-2012, he worked as a research staff member on wind energy at US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 

He is the recipient of 2011 Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulic Award from American Society of Civil Engineers. He is also a member of various societies such as American Society of Civil Engineers, American Meteorological Society and American Geophysical Union. He is currently an assistant professor in Department of Energy Systems Engineering at Kadir Has University. 

Asst. Prof. İstemi Berk, Member

Dr. Berk received his BSc degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Middle East Technical University, his MA degree in Financial Economics from Izmir University of Economics and his PhD degree in Energy Economics from University of Cologne, Germany.

After receiving his PhD degree in 2014, Dr. Berk worked as a post-doctoral research associate for almost one year at the Institute of Energy Economics (EWI) in Cologne, Germany. In October 2015, Dr. Berk started to work as an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, Turkey.

Dr. Berk has written a number of articles in the field of energy economics and his main research areas include energy and economic development, energy pricing mechanisms and energy market modelling.